Jake Dow-Smith Studio

an independent design + technology studio;


design, branding and programming of a living and breathing website and identity View Project

Felicia Honkasalo

interactive design and programming for the Helsinki-based artist View Project

LFE Inc.

ever expanding website for the founders of Family and Honk; LA tech company, LFE View Project

Maciek Miloch

a minimal, gesture-based interface; design + programming View Project


Lovie Award winner; storytelling and immersive design of a luxury store View Project

Fred Perry

a modular shoppable + editorial interface for the heritage brand

Sam Hofman

the browser as a canvas for image-maker Sam Hofman View Project

Torque Editions

an expansive world for publisher and curatorial platform View Project

Leila McGlew

an emoji-heavy exploration + reveal; design and programming View Project

Rosemary Butcher Archive

the content is the interface; design and programming View Project

Ultra Studio

design and build for the motion design studio View Project
AI? No Thanks Mechandise
Steven Holl Architects Design Consulting
Takram Interactive Design
Lovie Award Winner Award – Fashion + Beauty Silver
Greenpeace × Fig Design + Programming
Madre Brava Programming
Fred Perry Design + Prototyping
Meaningful Systems Teaching
2021 Selfridges Design + Prototyping
Hart Club Design + Programming
The First iNFT Design + Programming
LL&Co Design + Prototyping
2020 Similar Things Teaching
Julien Tavel Design + Programming
Studio XAG Design + Programming
48.1 Design + Programming
Lavenham v1 Design + Prototyping
Angewandte Innovation Lab Design + Programming
Inert Design w/ Future Corp
Emmanuelle Goutal Studio Design + Programming
Claire de Rouen Books Design + Programming
Resolution, Definition, Distortion Teaching
Hover States — Interview with Jake Interview
New Materialism Design + Programming
Fiorucci w/ Gelardin Programming
Fred Perry Tennis Design + Programming
Atelier Dreibholz Design + Programming
Mother Programming w/ No Plans
Chris Levine Design + Programming
Photocopy Club × Protein Group Exhibition
Painting by Numbers Talk
Estate Publication
Ryan Hopkinson Design + Programming
Sam Williams Studio Design + Programming
6 × 6 Group Exhibition
InformForm Design + Programming
Common Demoniator Group Exhibition
RaveLate Talk
Pieternel Vermoortel Design + Programming
FormContent Design + Programming
The Observer Magazine Feature